Service Department (Glazier)

I have worked In the glazing business for several years, but never before have I encountered the level of workmanship, cooperation, and vision than what I have seen at Ameristar. From management, to office staff, to technicians, everyone is on the same page to keep efficiency at the maximum. Everyone is on a first name basis, and any matters that arise are treated fairly and professionally.

The workload is surprisingly stress-free. It’s not a cakewalk by any means, and the days can be long, but I know what I have to do and what ¡s expected of me. And when I’m done for the day, there are no worries about what has been done, or what we will be doing tomorrow. And going to each jobsite on my own allows me to develop my own methods and maintain my own pace. All of these things together have made this a really good job to have.

Customer Service Department

I was looking for a career change several months ago. With some experience, I knew what I was looking for, somewhere clean, safe, professional, and established. Ameristar Atlanta is just the place, PERIOD.

It Is a great feeling to go to bed at night and not dread coming to work the next morning. Thanks!

Outside Marketing Representative / Account Manager

Right from the start, Ameristar impressed me with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for. By joining Ameristar, I have been able to consistently achieve many of my life long goals both professionally and personally.

Because of Ameristar’s many years of experience and apartment industry expertise, Ameristar has been able to provide me with the best in job support an employee could ask for. From their state of the art sales system to their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff. My experience with Ameristar confirms to me that I’ve joined with true leaders in our field servicing the multifamily housing Industry.